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The AV Edit Suite is located in the backstage area behind the Production Office.

If you are unsure where it is, please ask a member fo Production staff, security or someone in AV Support.

What facilities are there?

3 x iMac (27″, 2019) with the Adobe Creative Suite (including Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Audition)

4 x Windows PCs (15″, 2014) with the Adobe Creative Suite (including Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Audition)

Using the computers

The AV Edit Suite is sometimes booked for teaching. At other times, you may either:

  • Reserve time on a specific computer via eQuip, the online booking system;
  • walk up and see if there’s any available computers.

Opening hours

The AV Edit Suite can be used at any time that the building is open. During term time, this is usually (but please be aware that this might change on a weekly basis):

Monday – Friday: 08:30 -> 21:00

Saturday: 09:00 -> 17:00

Sunday: 09:00 -> 15:00

The room is locked when not in use

If the room is locked when you want to use it, please speak to a member of Production or AV Support Staff (Monday -> Friday, 10:00->18:00). Outside of these hours, please speak to Security.

Booking a computer

You can book a computer in the AV Suite (to ensure that there is availability at your preferred time), or you can walk into the suite and see what’s available. If someone has booked the computer that you are using, please move to another one. If no more computers are available in the suite, there are some others in the library that have the Adobe suite on.

To book, you’ll need to have completed the online library equipment training course. Log in to Equip (the online booking system)’s AV Edit Suite page (if it doesn’t display automatically, from eQuip’s homepage, using the top menu bar go to “Other (Dance) -> AV Edit Suite.

AV Edit Suite menu item
The AV Edit Suite menu item in the top menu bar of eQuip


Booking Rules

  • You must book at least 1 hour before using a computer;
  • You may book up to 2 hours on a computer per day (4 hours per day for current term BA Film Module students);
  • You must have completed the AV Training course in order to self book time on computers.

Rules in the AV Edit Suite

  • Respect the equipment, and others in the space;
  • No food or drink in the edit suite (bottled water is ok, but please be careful with it);
  • Use headphones when others are in the suite;
  • You can use free computers without making a booking during normal office hours, however, we would strongly advise you to place a booking as Facilities staff may not permit you access to the suite without a valid booking.

Where to go for help

Please contact the AV Support Dance team. For their contact details and opening hours, see the contact us page.

Updated on 13th March 2020

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