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Book a Study Table or a “Browse & Borrow” slot in the Faculty of Dance Library

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This article explains how you can book the Study Tables or a time to “Browse and Borrow” in the Faculty of Dance Library.

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Book via Trinity Laban’s eQuip booking system

eQuip (which is used to book Trinity Laban’s borrowable equipment) can be accessed at https://avsupport.trinitylaban.ac.uk/booking.

How do I browse and borrow?

From the 26th April 2021, we are enabling “Browse & Borrow” slots of 30 minutes to be booked whenever the library is open. If you’d like to browse the bookshelves, you must book a slot, in order to assist us to help limit the numbers accessing at any particular time.

These slots can be booked via the eQuip booking system.

Here’s a visual walkthrough of how to book a slot:

How many Study Tables are available?

In the Faculty of Dance library, there are 24 Study Tables available, all of which contain an item of equipment (usually a computer) AND a desk space and power socket where you can use your own device.

How long can I use a Study Table?


You can now book study tables for up to 6 hours in one go.

Tables are bookable for 6 hours at a time. There is a 15 minute enforced gap between bookings, to ensure safe distancing between users of the table. At present, you may book the same table repeatedly throughout a day (for example, if you plan to study in the library for a prolonged period of time), however, we may alter these durations as we gauge use and availability for all students.

Do I have to book a Study Table or can I just sit down on a vacant one?

Currently, you can book your Study Table before you enter the library or once you have sat down at a vacant one. When the library becomes busier, it would be best to book it before coming in, to avoid sitting where someone has booked.  Please clean it after use.

Tables are bookable whenever the library is open (including the weekends).

Here is a walk-through of how to book a Study Table:

What equipment/software is available on each Study Table?

Tables 1 – 6 are “Higher spec” Windows PCs which provide access to the Adobe Creative Suite (including Premiere Pro), along with general Office software.

Tables 11 & 12 offer access to Mac Minis which provide access to some Mac specific software such as Keynote, Pages, iMovie and Garageband.

Tables 10 & 13 – 21 are “Standard Windows PC” offering access to general Office software.

Tables 22 – 24 are iMacs. These can only be used for multimedia editing, and do not have any standard office software on.

Updated on 21st April 2021

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