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This article collates useful links to other resources on the AV Support knowledgebase, which will hopefully be useful for CoLab 2021 projects

This content relates to both Faculties This content relates to both Faculties

Video Recording and creation

See the following articles:

Other useful links for other software:


Audio Recording and creation

For CoLab 2021, we’d recommend the use of BandLab:

If using alternative software, you may find the following useful:

Video editing

There are several computers with the Adobe suite, including Premiere Pro for video editing available in the Faculty of Dance library. For details of how to book time on these, visit Using Adobe applications in the Faculty of Dance.

Alternatively, details of applications for video editing which you can use on your own computers or mobile devices are available in the Video Editing section of this knowledgebase.


Getting additional support

See the Help & assistance page for details of how to get additional support.

Updated on 5th February 2021

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