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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

This article tries to answer a number of frequently asked questions that the AV Support team are currently being asked a lot. It will be regularly updated.

This content relates to both Faculties This content relates to both Faculties

eStream F.A.Q.

What internet browser should I use?

We would recommend using Google Chrome when uploading or viewing content from eStream. We are aware that certain versions of Safari may experience issues when accessing content.

A video is not playing for me

This may be due to a few possibilities: please try a different web browser (we would always suggest Google Chrome). If you are still having problems playing a video, please contact the AV Support Team, or use live chat (below).

TV or Radio Recordings won’t play

Owing to the restrictions of the ERA licence which is used to provide access to TV and Radio recordings, we are only permitted to make these available within the UK. Therefore, you will need to access these recordings from a computer based in the UK with a UK IP address. We are looking into legal ways of making these recordings available to students based in other countries, however, it is looking unlikely.

How do I upload something to eStream?

We have prepared a range of documentation about uploading to eStream:


My upload is not showing up, or is repeatedly showing an error

We are aware of some issues that people are commonly experiencing, and are doing everything that we can to troubleshoot and solve these. In many cases optimising the file will help. Help for some commonly experienced error messages is available on the article Troubleshooting eStream uploads.



Microsoft Teams F.A.Q.

What is Teams, and how do I use it?

We’ve prepared a range of documentation about using Teams:



Zoom F.A.Q

Have Zoom reinstated the 40 minute meeting limit for my account?

Zoom limited duration message

A number of AV Support staff have tested this and confirm that even though this message appears, the meeting duration is not limited.

We are aware that a number of Zoom applications bring up the message about 40 minute meeting duration, even though for Staff accounts, meetings should be able to be longer. We are currently able to host longer meetings, so have no evidence that this feature has been removed, and believe that the message is showing in error for TL Staff. Please let us know if you see this message when using a Zoom account linked to your TL email address AND meetings are being cut off at 40 minutes. One way to check is to log in to Zoom and see if there is a message in green about the limitation being removed.

Is stereo sound possible?

Video conferencing tools such as Zoom do everything they can to lessen the bandwidth from person to person, and this includes by default limiting audio to mono. There is the option to enable stereo within Zoom, however, this needs to be enabled by both the sender of stereo audio and the listener(s) – details of how to do this are at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115004830406-Enabling-stereo-audio

Updated on 31st July 2020

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