How do I make a CD/DVD?

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Using a ‘Burn Folder’

The Teaching and 5 Central Lab machines have CD/DVD Burner drives attached.

To create a ‘data’ CD using a burn folder, choose File > New Burn Folder, and give the folder a name. Copy into this the items you want on a disc. The Finder places aliases to the files in the burn folder, not the files themselves. Don’t try and write files from the Media Server on to CD – copy them to the local ‘Scratch’ drive first, else the disc might not burn properly.

Do not insert a blank disc yet! To burn the items in a burn folder to a disc, double-click the burn folder, and click Burn. Insert a blank or rewritable disc into your computer when prompted and follow the onscreen instructions.

Then wait for a few minutes!

For DVD’s you can burn directly from iMovie.

Updated on 7th March 2022

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