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This article explains about hybrid and streaming the kits available within the Faculty of Dance which can be used for delivering hybrid teaching.

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Hybrid Kit Update

To request a hybrid or streaming kit, see the Hybrid & live streaming from classes article.

What is hybrid teaching?

Hybrid teaching is where some participants of the class are in the physical space and some are connecting remotely, and all should be able to see and hear each other.

Participants can include students and teachers, and as such, our hybrid kits can enable:

  • when the teacher is unable to physically be in the space, but can still deliver sessions to students in the space;
  • where one or more student is unable to attend the physical class but can participate remotely.


What is in a Hybrid Kit?

In each kit there is:

  • a laptop (Mac or Windows) – which will support the use of Zoom, Teams, or Adobe Connect,
  • a high-quality webcam and tripod,
  • an ethernet cable to provide a reliable and stable internet connection,
  • cables to connect the laptop to the TV in the space so remote participants can be seen and heard.


What are the differences between a Hybrid Kit and a Teaching Kit?

Hybrid Kits allow for live and instant feedback from remote and in-building participants. Classes delivered in this way can also be recorded and shared via eStream after the session. Hybrid kits can be complex to set up, so are set up in the space by a member of the AV Support team. There is only a small number available.

Teaching kits are designed to provide asynchronous or reviewable access to in-building classes where some participants are unable to attend. Classes are uploaded to eStream shortly after. Teaching Kits are very easy to use and are designed to be set up by the teacher, but the AV Support team are able to provide support if required. See the Teaching Kit article for further details.


How do I book a Hybrid Kit?

see the Hybrid & live streaming from classes article.

Updated on 19th April 2021

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