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All equipment from the Faculty of Dance should be booked in advanced of arriving at the library desk to collect it. This article explains how to use the online system to reserve items of equipment.

Where do I find the equipment booking system?

The equipment booking system is accessible through a variety of places – either directly at:

or via the links on the Laban Library Moodle pages, or the Laban Library catalogue.


How do I log in?

You should log in to the booking system with the same username and password that you use to login to Moodle or the PCs at Trinity Laban.

You can also log in with your Trinity Laban email address and password.

If you have recently changed/updated your password, it may take up to 20 minutes for the changes to filter through to the booking site (although it’s usually instantaneous), so please be patient, as too many incorrect entries may result in your account being locked, in which case you would need to contact IT ( / 020 8305 4333).


How do I book equipment?

All Students must complete the online Library Equipment training in order to be able to borrow equipment from the Faculty of Dance.


How long can I borrow equipment for?

Most equipment is available to borrow for one overnight period at a time (we class a weekend as an overnight period – see the section on Booking Equipment over a weekend).

This means you can:

  • Book a camera anytime from 9am one day to be returned at any point before the library closes the following day,
  • or from any time on a Friday, and return it by 9:05am on the Monday morning (or hand in to security at any point over the weekend).

If the library is not open when you want to hand something back in, please give it to Security at the Laban building, who will lock it up until the library next opens (they will not let you have it back though once you’ve given it to them).

The only items of equipment that can be borrowed for longer periods of time are External Hard Drives, which can be reserved for up to 2 weeks at a time.


How many items of equipment can I borrow?

For Dance students these limits are:
  • maximum of 2 of each type of equipment
  • up to a maximum of 4 items concurrently

We are aware that there will be occasional circumstances where you may require more than you can book on the online system. If that is the case, and if you give us a minimum of 3 working days’ notice, we may be able to allow you additional equipment, but can not guarantee it. If you need more equipment, please place a booking on the online booking system for the items that you can (up to a maximum of 2 if you are a dance student), and then contact us explaining which additional items you would like, and a reason why you need the additional item(s). 

How do I delete / cancel a booking / reservation?

Please note that these options will only be available if it is prior to (ie, before) the start date/time of the booking.

  1. Log in to the booking system.
  2. Find the booking you’d like to cancel either by:
    • Browsing to Dashboard and selecting the booking from the Upcoming Reservations area at the bottom of the page;
    • or; within the Booking Schedule, browse to the date you booked the item(s) for and click on your booking.
  3. Click on the Delete button at the bottom left of the screen


How do I book equipment for use over a weekend?

  1. Log in to the online equipment booking system
  2. Using the calendar icon to select the day on the booking system.
    Using the calendar icon to select the day on the booking system.

    Use the calendar icon to select the Friday or Saturday on which you’d like to start the booking.

  3. On the row that relates to the item you’d like to borrow, click in the appropriate column that relates to the time you’d like to pick up the equipment;
  4. In the new booking window that appears check that the time you want the booking to start is correct, use the Add/Remove Equipment link to add any additional items.
  5. Click in the End date box – and select the Sunday that corresponds to the weekend you’d like to borrow the equipment over.
  6. Click on the Confirm button, and once a confirmation message appears on screen, your booking is confirmed (if it comes up with an error message, take note of what it says and alter your booking accordingly).
  7. Please ensure that the equipment is returned to security in the Laban building during the building’s opening hours over the weekend, or on Monday morning before 9:00am. If you would like to borrow equipment for a longer period, please see the section on borrowing equipment for longer durations.
Updated on 7th December 2018

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