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Using the eQuip Online Booking System to Borrow AV Equipment from the Laban Library

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All AV equipment from the Faculty of Dance should be booked using the eQuip Booking System in advance of arriving at the library desk to collect it.

Where do I find eQuip?


The eQuip Booking System is also linked from the AV Support Homepage, Laban Library Moodle Page, and the Laban Library Catalogue

How do I book equipment?

All Students must complete the online Library Equipment training in order to be able to borrow equipment from the Faculty of Dance.

The video below provides a basic overview of how to use eQuip to make and delete bookings.

How long can I borrow equipment for?

The length of time we are loaning equipment for has changed this year. Certain items of AV equipment can now be booked for up to seven days.

To view the updated information on how long equipment can be borrowed for, please see our article “How long can I borrow equipment for?

If the library is not open when you want to hand something back in, please give it to Security at the Laban building, who will lock it up until the library next opens (they will not let you have it back though once you’ve given it to them).

The only items of equipment that can be borrowed for longer periods of time are External Hard Drives, which can be reserved for up to 2 weeks at a time.

How many items of equipment can I borrow?

To make as much equipment available to as many students as possible, we limit the amount of equipment that each person can reserve.

For Dance Faculty students, these limits are:

  • maximum of 2 of each type of equipment
  • up to a maximum of 4 items concurrently

(see the article on “Who can borrow what?” for details of how many items different types of borrowers can reserve).

If you need more equipment than these limits allow, contact us on avsupport@trinitylaban.ac.uk or 0208 305 9308 to discuss your project and we may be able to issue additional equipment.

Requests for additional equipment are dependent on availability. Please allow three working days before your booking to maximise the chances of us being able to fulfil them!

How do I book equipment for use over a weekend?

To take equipment out over a weekend, ensure the start of your booking is on a Friday and set the end time to 00:00 on Sunday.

Weekend bookings can be returned to security at the front of the building anytime over the weekend or before 9 o’ clock on Monday morning.

Updated on 7th March 2022

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