Using the sound system in a studio

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Equipment overview

Sound system panel
Sound System Overview

Each studio comes equipped for playing sound. In the rack you will find a CD player, patch panel, amplifier, and a RCA to 3.5mm jack cable for playing sound from an external device. The equipment pictured here may look different from the equipment in certain studios, but all the features and instructions here will still apply.

Steps to take

  1. Turn the volume on the amplifier all the way down, then press the power button.
  2. Make sure the lights for Speakers A and are on, otherwise turn these on.
    Power and speakers setting
    Speakers A and B are on
  3. You should keep the balance centred or you may not hear sound evenly from both speakers. Bass and treble are also good to keep centred but can be used to adjust your sound if you want.
    Bass, treble and balance settings
    Ideal settings for clear sound playback
  4. Turn the input selector to iPod if playing sound from an external device.
    Input selector options of tape 2, tape 1, phono, cd, ipod and aux. Ipod is selected.
    Use IPOD as your input selection if playing from an external device
  5. Make sure the RCA cables are plugged into the iPod input in the panel above the amp.
    Patch panel with cables connected to ipod input
    Do not unplug!
  6. Connect the 3.5mm jack at the end of this cable into the device your sound will be playing from (e.g. Laptop, Phone, Mp3 player).

Video Tutorials

Connecting a Laptop to the studio speakers

Connecting an iPod/phone to the studio speakers

Updated on 7th March 2022

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