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Music Technology has a limited range of AV equipment and facilities available for use by all students. For equipment booking please contact us at least 24 hours prior to desired collection time. Music Technology is a busy department and equipment loans are handled by the only Music Technology Technician (me). In the event I’m offsite or handling tech support elsewhere on site then I won’t be available in the office to hand out equipment. As such the best way is to book with me in advance so we can arrange a collection time/location.

To enquire about a booking please contact the Music Technology Technician (

What equipment is available from the Faculty of Music?

  • Zoom H2n – These are multi-positional audio only portable recorders. Fantastic for rehearsal or performance recordings. Usually loaned on a 24 hour basis and available with or without tripod.
  • Zoom Q4n – An easy to use Audio/Video recorder. These are a step up in complexity and video quality to the Zoom Q3’s at room bookings. We only currently have two, which eventually be available via room bookings
  • Keyboard Lab (Room 243) – This facility, consisting of 13 iMacs with key Audio/Visual software and weighted electric keyboards, is available to all students during the proctored sessions. Please see the Trinity News e-mails for updates, the room door for current schedule and the “Keyboard Lab Opening Hours” FAQ for details.

Limited Access/Course Specific Equipment

Music Technology has a range of specialised equipment that is only bookable for specific Modules/Faculties. This is due to the specific requirements of a course and the equipment having been purchased specifically for this purpose. As such it’s vital that this equipment remains available for allocated students. Below is a list of equipment and a bit of information about each:

  • Macbook Pro Laptop – with key audio software & Focusrite Pro 40 external soundcard. Available to Composition and CMT students.
  • Canon DSLR Camera Kit – with multiple lenses. This is suitable to recording short HD videos (max 15 mins) and for taking high quality stills. Obviously this is highly specialised equipment and requires specialist knowledge and training to use. So access to it is limited to students/staff who have been trained in it’s use. Availability is also limited due to it’s extensive use for documenting events and use in the recording studio.
  • Korg nanoKontrollers – A mixed assortment of hardware controllers for use with Logic/Ableton
  • Korg Monotrons – 3 varieties of miniature analog synths with mini jack output. Amazing sounds from such small box.
  • Hot Hand – A wireless controller with accelerometer for collecting X/Y/Z data and interpreting into data. For use with Logic, Ableton and MaxMSP
  • Nintendo Wii Remote+ – a nintendo Wii Remote with accuracy add on + Nunchuck for use with OSCulator/MaxMSP
  • Novation Launchpad – Hardware controller for use with Ableton
  • Novation Launchcontrol XL – Hardware controller for use with Ableton and Logic
  • Behringer Pedal Board – programmable hardware pedal board
  • Edirol 101 Firewire Interface – Edirol firewire audio interface with relevant 400 – 800 or 400 – 400 connection lead and power supply.
  • Synth Station – Located in the composition suite (room 115). A vintage synthesiser station, patchbay and mixer linked to the room computer. Used to get that vintage sound for specific coursework. The power for this is controlled by a key bookable from the Music Technology Technician at advanced notice.
  • Room 311 (Listening Suite) – This room is designed as a space to go and monitor your finished mixes. It has a small sofa and 5.1 Genelec audio system. There is a MOTU Ultralite with various connectors for linking up your own computer.

Equipment Bookable from Room Bookings

Music Technology supplies a range of equipment to Room Bookings that is bookable by all Students and Staff. As with all equipment, please book WELL in advance to avoid disappointment:

  • 2 x Zoom Q3’s – with SD Card and Power Supply – these are easy to use audio/video recorders, recording to web ready formats. Ideal for recording rehearsals or performances with video
  • 1 x Zoom Q2n – The newer model of the Q3
  • 1 x Zoom Q4n – A HD Zoom with adjustable mic positions and camera settings.
  • 3 x Projectors + Screens – Projectors with VGA Input leads + Pop up screens, primarily used for larger classes and presentations.
  • 1 x Rode Stereo Mic – a single mix with two capsules for getting an x-y pair recording. Own Laptop/Interface required
  • 4 x Shure PG58 Mics – Best suited for Vocal Amplification, but also useful for Brass and acoustic level boosting. Available with leads, clips and stands.
  • IT Laptops – IT have a number of Dell Laptops that can be booked out from Room Bookings for use with projectors/classes.
  • Adaptors – Room Bookings now has a Mac Thunderbolt to VGA adaptor available to book for use with compatible computers and the in Room TV’s/Projectors

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I borrow an Audio/Video recorder?

There are four Zoom Q3 video cameras available for loan from Room Bookings. We also have a number audio only Zoom H2n’s in the Music Technology office as well as other specialised equipment. See the loan equipment list for more information.

Can I borrow a Guitar Lead?

The short answer to this one is NO.

Although we do stock 1/4 jack leads within the department, these are specifically part of the PA stock so aren’t available for loan and we also only have a few. The leads we have are also either speaker rated or balanced, which makes them unsuitable for use with guitars/amps. In the past we did have some guitar leads but on multiple occasions they got lent out and never came back, we also loaned phono leads with 1/4 adaptors for a time but had the same issue. So policy is that we do not loan out guitar leads.

Can I borrow PA?

This isn’t an easy yes or no answer. The PA equipment at KCC is primarily for the Music Technology Departments use in supporting classes and events. On occasion we do loan it out for Trinity Laban Projects, but it would depend on the scale of the project, the equipment required and the dates. We also only loan equipment to students/staff who have been trained in it’s use or who we feel confident enough in their technical abilities to loan it.

As with all loans the borrower will need to sign for the equipment to say they will take full responsibility for it and that any loss or damage will be charged back to them. To request a PA loan please get in contact with the Music Technology Technician ( with the Dates, Equipment and event details.