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The studio at Music Faculty is equipped with a state of the art Apple Mac based recording system, running Logic Pro and industry standard – Pro Tools HD. The medium-sized, acoustically engineered live room, complete with Steinway grand piano, can accommodate any small to medium chamber, jazz and contemporary ensembles. We also have the facility to conduct multi-channel digital recordings via our network link from any of the main performance rooms at Music Faculty.

The studios’ main focus is to support the development of students and the work of the staff. It can be hired for demo sessions, portfolio and competition recordings and CD production to fully professional standards at the subsidised rate of £19 per hour. However the facility is also available for commercial hire and is available throughout the year at competitive rates.

For studio bookings and more information, please contact Kit Venables (020 8305 4474, ).

How do I open the CD drive?

The Studio Mac has an external Blue CD-R/RW located below the Pro Tools interface. Use this drive to read or write CDs.

To open the CD drive when it’s empty, press the button on the front of the drive. Press the button again to close the drive.

To open the CD drive when there is a disc inside it, drag the discs icon on the desktop onto the trash can icon in the dock.

Where should I save my work?

When you are working in the Studio you should save your work in a folder with your name, in one of the ‘Scratch’ drives. You can make a new folder by holding down the ‘control’ key while clicking where you want the new folder to be, and selecting ‘New Folder’ from the menu that appears. The ‘Scratch’ drives are ‘local’ drives (meaning that they are stored on the hard drive of the computer you are at, rather than on the network), so you’ll need to either transfer your work via the Media Server or burn a CD/DVD if you want to work on the same project at another computer. The ‘Scratch’ drives are the only place on the Studio Mac that you should save work.

You should always make backups of your work (by burning a CD/DVD of it, for example). As everyone can use the ‘Scratch’ drives, you can’t guarantee your work will be there still next time you use that computer.


Updated on 7th March 2022

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