Reporting an AV Issue at KCC

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At KCC all AV is managed and supported by the Music Technology Technician. If you encounter any issues here is the process for reporting it. Please ensure you do, as many minor/intermittent issues won’t get spotted until they are reported.

1. Check the AV cabinet log sheet for existing issues. If it’s the same one that is effecting you then we are on the case already; if not then run through the self help form in the room. The purpose of these instructions is to highlight the most common issues that happen with the AV Cabinets, primarily through tampering or user error. Running through these will resolve your issue in most instances and save time for you and the tech team in providing support.

2. Report the issue to the Music Technology Technician. This can be done in a few ways: via e-mail (, via this support website (click the New Support Ticket Button at the top) or by calling the Technicians office on 0208 305 4471. In the event that immediate tech support isn’t available we will endeavour to get into the room to fix the issue by the following morning. Please do leave a message on the phone if no one picks up.

3. Once the issue has been fixed you will receive confirmation via e-mail and the log sheet on the AV cabinet will have been updated to say what has been fixed.

Updated on 7th March 2022

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