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How to use eQuip (Faculty of Music)

Log in through the AV Knowledge base, or through this link:


Use your TL username and password (in the same way as moodle)

When you log in, you should have something that looks like this:


I you are a student, you will need to complete an agreement form and return to Music Technology office (M04) or avsupport.music@trinitylaban.ac.uk before you can book anything. Otherwise, all the items will be restricted.

Once added to the system, you will be able to see all the reserved items or available items.

However looking at a list might not be helpful for everyone, so you can see what is available on the calendar, by:


  • Going to the top tab KCC Music Tech >

  • Select the item you wish to view – for example > Video Cameras


You should now see something that looks like this:

  • Click on the calendar icon to view the calendar and check availability for a specific date
  • Tick ‘Use Specific Dates’ box and select them on the calendar to view those
  • Use the filter on the left hand side to move to a different equipment category. Please stick to FOM (Faculty of Music)
  • Click on the grid to book equipment for a specific time and date.

General Rules:

Students can book up to 1 month in advance

Maximum time for loan is 2 weeks (loans can be extended)

Minimum time for loan is 30 mins



Updated on 8th January 2020

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