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Rules & Regulations for borrowable equipment

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Booking equipment

All items should be booked in advance, as all equipment is briefly checked and prepared in advance of the specified collection time. To book items, students must have fully completed the online training course, staff are encouraged to complete this course too, but if permissions are not present on their account to book teaching related equipment, they should email avsupport.dance@trinitylaban.ac.uk in order to get these applied.

All standard bookings should be placed on our self service booking system, eQuip. Help with booking items is available on the knowledgebase.

For other items, please email avsupport.dance@trinitylaban.ac.uk with your request (including preferred collection and return dates & times) at least 1 working day before the items are required.

Loan conditions

Upon placing a booking for equipment, AV Support staff will prepare the reserved items (including any specified cables, adapters, or other accessories). All items will be issued to the library account of the person who placed the booking, so please ensure that your library account exists and is in good standing (ie, there are no fines above £5, as equipment can not be issued if there are excessive fines).

With the exception of Teaching & Streaming Kits (which are only available for teachers of in-building classes during the week), we ask that you collect the items from the AV Support area at the top of the Laban Library at – or shortly after – the agreed collection time.

Items should be returned to the AV Support area at the top of the library and placed in the returns box. In the event of the library being closed, please hand all items to security at reception who will secure these until AV Staff are next in. Late return of items will result in fines being applied to your library account and may result in your ability to reserve and use equipment being suspended.

The self-service booking system, eQuip, allows for concurrent reservations of several items at a time – usually a maximum of 2 of each type of equipment for up to 7 days duration, however, different items have slightly different rules applied – see the latest details for each item on eQuip.

If items are damaged or lost then you are liable for their replacement. All equipment must be returned in the same condition in which it was loaned. The equipment is your responsibility, and you will be held liable for any damage or missing equipment, as the person placing the booking. We do not advise you on reserving equipment on the behalf of your peer or colleague to ensure correct liability in case of loss or damage.

Please clear any data before returning equipment, as any data saved on returned equipment (including hard drives) will be cleared as soon as it is identified by AV staff.

Late return of equipment

Please ensure you return equipment on time, as other people may be waiting to collect it. If you have any trouble returning equipment at the agreed time, please let us know as soon as you can.

The late return of equipment affects the ability of other staff and students to borrow and use equipment and may disrupt their work. For this reason, we apply fines: If equipment is returned late, your library account will be charged for each item, and the library’s overdue procedure is used in the event of very late return of items.

We reserve the right to refuse service to those who we believe are in violation of our Loan Procedures. Your account may be suspended if you are found to be in violation of our Loan Procedures.

Lost, stolen, or broken items

If you are using equipment away from the building, please ensure that you have suitable insurance cover.

If an item you borrow is stolen please report this both to us and the local police. They will issue you with a crime reference number, which you’ll need to inform us of.

Please let us know if there are any faults with the equipment. We check and test equipment regularly, however sometimes there are pre-existing faults that may have been missed. It’s important that you let us know when returning an item so that you are not held accountable.

Please note that you are responsible for complying with all legal requirements such as data protection and the acquisition of filming rights when using our equipment to create and edit digital media.

Updated on 12th September 2022

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