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Tech support for events at the Faculty of Music

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General advice:

  • All events that require technical assistance or gear that is not on the loan page should be booked at the absolute minimum 2 weeks in advance. Advised time would be half a term┬áin advance.
  • We provide support at no extra cost to ALL academic/faculty events.*
  • Non-academic/faculty events are dealt on a case-by-case basis and you may be charged extra for staffing or gear hire if we cannot provide those in-house.
  • We generally do not support events outside of Trinity, however we can offer recommendations.
  • All technical requirements for exams have to be submitted via a Special Request form, which you can obtain from Music Admin (Level 1).

*On some occasions, where staffing or gear is at a shortage OR the event is beyond what we are able to manage in-house, you might incur some additional charges – which will be presented to you from the very start.

Who to contact?

For event tech support, including sound & lighting, please contact Ieva Vaiti:


For anything regarding audio or video recording for faculty events, please contact Kit Venables:




What kind of support do you offer?

We offer live sound & some lighting for projects of various sizes.

Can I have the gear list?

Students: Generally no – gear available to all students is listed on AV Knowledge Base. There are also separate lists for Digital Musicianship students and Composers.

Staff: In most cases, it’s best to talk to us first, as gear lists are often subject to availability and staffing. But we do on some occasions provide with a list if needed.

I’m very experienced. Can I borrow your PA gear and do the tech myself?

No. You can only tech faculty events if:

  • you work for us already
  • you’re from Laban production or AV team

You might be able to borrow gear if you’re on the following courses:

Digital Musicianship


Recording Scheme or Events Tech

I have a last minute event. Can you help?

It depends on our availability. If it’s under two weeks’ notice, it will be based on staffing & gear. It helps if you provide as much info as possible. Please contact Ieva on avsupport.music@trinitylaban.ac.uk

Who provides support for events in KCC?

Currently the Music Technology Technician – Ieva Vaiti. We also have a pool of student casual technicians & freelancers who we sometimes hire to help or do the events if we are not free.

I want to join the technician team. How do I do this?

You can join the tech team by emailing your interest to i.vaiti@trinitylaban.ac.uk with your CV and any relevant experience. Please note that you will have to undertake 2x 4 hour training sessions and shadow 3 – 5 shifts (depending on experience) before receiving paid work.

I want to make a suggestion.

If you would like to make suggestions on tech support or gear, please do so to your Head of Department, who will then contact us on your behalf. You can also speak to us in person if unsure.

Updated on 7th March 2022

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