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Using Quik for video editing [iOS & Android]

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This article explores the use of the Quik app for video editing on mobile devices.

This content relates to both Faculties This content relates to both Faculties

Getting started

Quik is available for download on IOS and Android.

It can be downloaded onto Apple mobile devices via the Apple App Store.

It can be downloaded on Android devices via the Google Play Store.

Quik is a simple to use video editing app, which enables very basic video editing to be done relatively quickly on mobile devices. It does not offer the control or some of the other advanced capabilities of more feature packed video editing packages, such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Using the mobile app

A straightforward guide can be found at:


Exporting / Saving

It’s very easy to save or export from Quik. Once you’ve finished assembling the footage, click the blue save icon at the bottom of the app and the file will be exported to your gallery. You can then upload it to eStream or other online platforms.

Getting additional help

You may find the Making video content article useful.

For additional support, please contact avsupport@trinitylaban.ac.uk.


Updated on 7th March 2022

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