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GoPros are incredibly nifty pieces of kit!  The GoPro hero does not have a traditional viewfinder or screen so navigating the settings can be a bit tricky which is why we’ve written this article to get you started!

What's in the case?
  • GoPro Hero (in housing)
  • MicroSD card
  • MicroSD → Standard SD card adapter
  • USB cable
  • Power supply


Charging the battery.

The GoPro Hero uses a rechargeable battery. To charge the GoPro insert the USB cable into the back of the GoPro (you may need to unclip the casing) and insert the other end of the cable into the plug. Connect to a mains supply. The red light on the front of the GoPro should light up.

Inserting the microSD Card.

The GoPro uses a microSD card. The microSD card slot is on the back of the GoPro, above the USB port. The microSD card should already be in the GoPro – but if not, it may be in the SD card adapter – this looks like a standard SD card and is included in the case. To insert it simply push it in – it will only fit in one way so don’t force it!

The microSD card is very small so take care not to lose it.

Once the microSD card is inserted, close the casing. Make sure the clip on the top is secured.

Turning on

To turn on the GoPro, press the MODE button on the front of the GoPro, under the screen, once. The red light at the top left on the back should flash on, as should the red light on the front.


The GoPro has 3 main camera modes. To change between camera modes press the MODE button. This will cycle through each mode: Video, Photo, Burst and Time-lapse. The settings are also accessed at the end of the mode cycle. To select the mode press the SHUTTER button.

Video mode

Video mode captures video footage at 3 possible resolutions and frame rates: 1080p at 30 FPS; 720p at 50 FPS and 720p Superview at 50 FPS. Superview has a wider vertical field of view. Resolution options are accessible via the settings menu.

Photo mode (inc. Burst)

Photo mode takes photos at a resolution of 5MP. Burst mode takes 10 photos over 2 seconds.


Time-lapse mode is for capturing footage over a long period of time at a low frame rate, so when it’s played back at a normal frame rate, it appears to be sped up. Time-lapse mode captures at 2 FPS.


Video / Time-lapse

In order to start recording, simply press the SHUTTER button – located on the top of the GoPro. Press the SHUTTER button again to stop recording.


To take a photo, press the SHUTTER button once.


Transferring footage to a computer.

Once you’ve finished filming/photographing you will need to transfer the files on to your computer. To do this, eject the microSD card and insert in into the SD card adapter. Insert the SD card adapter into your computer and transfer the files over.

For more advanced use please refer to the GoPro Hero manual (below).


Updated on 7th March 2022

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