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This article, and subsequent others, serves as an introduction to advanced camera settings. These settings can give you more flexibility than simply using the auto settings of the camera. Understanding how to get the most from your camera can really help the finished photos and videos you create.

What will this introduction cover?

This series of articles will cover:

Camera shooting modes

These articles rely on your understanding of the different shooting modes cameras offer. These modes dictate how much control you have over the camera settings and how much the camera does for you. The common settings are:

  • Manual: The user controls all of the settings
  • Aperture priority: The user controls the aperture setting. The camera then decides the shutter speed and ISO
  • Shutter priority: The user controls the shutter speed setting. The camera decides the aperture and ISO
  • Program/auto: The camera controls all of the settings

To have the most control over the image you intend to capture, we recommend you practice using the Manual shooting mode.

How to change shooting modes on Laban Library cameras













Updated on 26th September 2022

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