Borrowing “Film Module Cameras”

This article outlines the way for current module BA Dance and the Moving Image students should reserve time outside of class time with the cameras.

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  • This equipment is available only to students on the Dance and the Moving Image module for this term.
  • Equipment can be booked for as long as students need it, provided that it is returned by 1:30pm on the day of the class for the first 4 weeks of term
  • Tripods and charged batteries are available when you come to collect the equipment, please ask at the library front desk when you’re picking up the camera (these items aren’t bookable).
  • No SD Cards are provided with these cameras, so you MUST have your own.

Booking the cameras

  1. All bookings MUST be done via the Library’s Equipment Booking system ( -> Dance Faculty ):A) Once logged in (use your usual TL username/email, and password), to see the Film Module Equipment, click on the “Other Equipment” menu and select “Film Module Cameras”. (Please note that you won’t be able to book these unless you are doing the Film Module and have been assigned permissions).


B) Use the calendar icon and calendar dates to select the day that you’d like the booking to start, and then select the column that relates to the time that you’d like to collect the equipment in the row of the Camera you’d like to borrow (n.b. all the cameras are the same).



C) Ensure that the start time and end time of the booking are correct (you may be fined if the equipment is returned late, and the equipment may be issued to someone else if it’s not collected on time, so please ensure that the collection/return times are achievable and adhered to). Press the Create button and if it comes up with a confirmation message, you’re done!

Other useful information

Using the LED Light Kit


Updated on 8th January 2019

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