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Hybrid & live streaming from classes

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This article covers the occasions that can be supported for live streaming of classes from the Faculty of Dance.

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We are aware of the need for some classes to be live-streamed to remote students, or, on some occasions, for remote leaders of classes to be live-streamed into in-building classes.

As the AV Support Team in the Faculty of Dance has limited resources and the requirements of each set up can vary enormously, this article outlines the agreed occasions where AV Support will set up and support hybrid or live-streamed classes from the Faculty of Dance which should help make the booking of these kits fairer, and more consistent and transparent.


When can I request a hybrid or streaming kit?

You can request a supported hybrid or streaming kit from the Faculty of Dance for the following reasons:

  • External guest teacher(s) or assessor(s) are unable to attend the building in person and need to deliver or experience something live.
  • A teacher is unable to attend the building in person, and a supply is unable to be found.
  • If 5 or more students from the class are unable to attend the in-building class for any reason.


How do I request a hybrid or live streaming kit?

Please note that there may be times we are unable to fulfil all requests.

If you have a class that fits one of the valid reasons above (see When can I request a hybrid or streaming kit?), please send an email to avsupport.dance@trinitylaban.ac.uk at least one working day before you need the kit with the following information:

Subject line: Requesting a hybrid/streaming kit


  • Please include the reason(s) you need a streaming kit,
  • The date(s) and time(s) that the kit is required,
  • The studio that the kit should be set up in.

The AV Support Team will then assess your request, and confirm if it is possible to support it.


What can I do if I am unable to get a streaming/hybrid kit?

We have developed a simple way to record classes in the Laban building:

  • Reserve one of our Teaching Kits and arrange for it to be delivered to a studio,
  • Turn the camera on, position the image according to the space, and hit record.
  • Once the class is finished, fill out the eStream envelope and return all equipment to the AV Support team in the library. We normally get recordings uploaded to eStream on the day of recording, so they should be available to students who are unable to attend in person (or those who wish to revisit a lesson) fairly soon after a class.

For further information on Teaching kits, please see the Teaching Kits article.


Getting more help

For more info about the hybrid/streaming kits, see the Hybrid Kits article.

If you have any further questions, please send them via email to avsupport.dance@trinitylaban.ac.uk.

Updated on 7th March 2022

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