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Students – Start here!

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This article collates useful links to other resources on the AV Support knowledgebase, which will hopefully be useful for students.

This content relates to both Faculties This content relates to both Faculties

Booking equipment to use

Completion of the online training is required

The online training course (which takes about 10 minutes) must be completed before you are granted permissions to book equipment

We offer a wide range of equipment which can be borrowed by students.

Items must be booked in advance via the eQuip online booking system.

Pre-booked equipment is available for collection from the AV Support area in the library in the Faculty of Dance from Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Video Recording and creation

See the following articles:

Other useful links for other software:


Audio Recording and creation

If using alternative software, you may find the following useful:

Video editing

There are several computers with the Adobe suite, including Premiere Pro for video editing available in the Faculty of Dance library. For details of how to book time on these, visit Using Adobe applications in the Faculty of Dance.

We are unable to offer licences to install the Adobe suite on your own devices, however, we’ve collated a list of alternative applications for video editing which you can use on your own computers or mobile devices which you can find in the Video Editing section of this knowledgebase.

Presenting work in the building

If you’re planning on doing an in-building performance that includes the use of live or pre-recorded video or audio, please get in touch – we’d love to hear about it and might possibly have some advice on how to best achieve your creative vision.


Getting additional support

If you need any help at all, please contact us – we’re very friendly, and the team has lots of experience in different artistic situations. See Help & assistance page for details of the various ways we can be contacted.

Updated on 7th March 2022

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